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CVA Wolf PalmSaver Ramrod

Solid aluminum PalmSaver™ Ramrod
Made by CVA, fits all 24" barrel Wolf models

The PalmSaver™ Ramrod consists of a solid aluminum rod with a special jag on one end that is threaded. The actual PalmSaver (or knob), attaches to this threaded jag, and is configured to allow it to be left on the gun while firing. The rod can be removed quickly for loading a second shot. Most importantly, the PalmSaver knob protects the palm while seating the bullet. This solid aluminum ramrod makes reloading and cleaning your muzzleloader a breeze, whether out hunting or at the range.

The replacement rod also comes standard with a 4-inch jag extension which, when attached to the opposite end, converts the ramrod into a full-length range rod.

*Always use caution when loading a firearm

Range Rod Reviews

"I lost my ramrod hunting last year. This ramrod came with the palm-saver, which is an upgrade. Works great!”

Made in America
100% manufactured and assembled in the USA

Made by CVA, quality you can feel

4" Jag Included
Converts to full-length range rod

Palmsaver™ Ramrod
Saves your knuckles while loading and cleaning