LHR Redemption Muzzleloader Review


LHR Sporting Arms Redemption Review





Balance & Feel:  The overall balance and feel of the gun is simply amazing. I have never held a gun that feels this way in my hand before. This muzzleloader feels like it was custom made to fit you. It balances extremely well and shoulders very nicely. The recoil pad is very cushy, which is great for those hotter magnum loads. It definitely dampens the overall recoil on this rifle.

Features:  The Redemption comes in either a Black, Camo or Walnut stock finish. I personally am a big fan of the Walnut, because of its look and feel. The rifle features a Stealth Striker cocking system. Not only is it quiet and stealthy, but very simple to use, even with bulky gloves on. This revolutionary system is great and allows you to cock and de-cock your rifle quietly and easily with the slide of your thumb. The Redemption also includes an FT2 match trigger.This trigger is incredible; it’s very smooth and has little to No creep. The Redemption gives you the feel that you are shooting a several thousand-dollar rifle. LHR has also revolutionized breech systems with the new Adapt™ breech design. The Adapt™ system allows you to unscrew your breech plug externally instead of internally, this eliminates seizing and fowling of your breech plug’s threads.






Quality:  Overall, I feel that LHR has thought of everything when it comes to making the perfect muzzleloader. Not only it is quality you can see, but also spotless engineering you can feel. The stock, trigger guard and break action lever give the muzzleloader a radical new look without compromising quality. LHR has contracted with Green Mountain for their Clover Leaf barrels. Green Mountain is known some of the best barrels in the industry.   This rifle not only looks great it performs great.

Functionality:  I am really impressed with the simple, yet elegant design of the Redemption. The way this rifle was designed makes it very user friendly for a day at the range or in the field. This rifle is also extremely accurate; I have seen inch and a half groups shot at 200 yards. These guns are top notch from their design to their performance.






Price: The price for this rifle is reasonable and affordable for a custom muzzleloader. The Redemption has several features you won’t find anywhere else. LHR has a starting retail price of $520.00, which is a great deal considering what you get, not to mention LHR lifetime promise guarantee.

Cleaning:  Being a Break Action Style muzzleloader and having the new Adapt breech system, I have never had an easier to clean muzzleloader than this one. This system makes cleaning a breeze, no more dealing with stuck or fowled breech plug.


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Drawbacks: There are a few of minor drawbacks that I can find on the Redemption. Firstly the weight; at 7.5 lbs. it is one pound heavier than most comparable muzzleloaders of its size. Another draw back is the length of pull on this rifle. Coming in at 13.5″ LOP, this rifle fits me perfectly, but I am only 5’10”, my brother is 6’4” and the length of pull is to short for him. Lastly, I wish this rifle was offered in a scope package, to give me a hassle free set up.

Overall:  I really like how the LHR Redemption was built from the ground up. Not only did they consider the average sportsman in the design, but also they thought of everything along the way. This rifle implements all the best features you could have in a muzzleloader and put them all together in the Redemption.