New Stainless Steel CVA Wolf Scope Package Review (PR2112SSC)

The New Stainless CVA Wolf Scope Package Review PR2112SSC

Balance & Feel:  The overall balance and feel of the gun is very nice. The composite stock is suitable and the Realtree Hardwoods Green™ Camo finish really looks great. The length of pull on the rifle is good, it pulls smooth and feels right against your shoulder. The balance of the rifle is fairly good, it is a bit barrel heavy, but it is really tough to tell. The CrushZone™ recoil pad is comfortable, and is great when shooting magnum loads, it definitely dampens the overall recoil.

CVA Wolf Stainless Steel

Features:  This Wolf package features a Realtree® composite camo stock with CrushZone™ recoil pad and molded sling brackets to attach your favorite sling. ( I should mention that this package does not come with a sling, personally I would recommend a Quake Claw Sling)  The new stainless Wolf model features a 24” 416 stainless steel barrel. This stainless barrel looks great beside the camo stock and will be the envy of all your friends. The rifle package also features a bore-sighted 3-9x32mm KonuShot™ riflescope, this scope is bore-sighted from the factory, so all you have to do is take it out of the box and you are ready to go. The stainless Wolf’s also come with the Palmsaver™ ramrod, a feature that used to be reserved only for the Optima and Accura models. 

Quality:  Overall, I really don’t think you can go wrong, the quality of this rifle is very good and the features that you get are comparable to most high end muzzleloaders. The addition of the stainless steel barrel to the Wolf line makes this an amazing rifle. This rifle not only looks great it also performs great.

Crushzone Recoil Pad CVA WolfFunctionality:  The wolf package is a simple break-action design. It’s easy to clean and easy to operate. It’s the perfect muzzleloader for the beginner or for the experienced pro.  The QRBP (quick release breech plug) is very nice and doesn’t seize up like other plugs I have had, and makes operating and cleaning much more efficient. Also, given that the rifle comes bore-sighted from CVA, you don’t have to mess around with mounting a scope or sighting in the rifle. (although, I would definitely take the rifle to the range before season to fine tune it) The Wolf also comes with CVA’s outstanding Lifetime Warranty.

Price:  The price for this rifle package is outstanding. You would be hard pressed to find a better value anywhere on the market. Currently these packages are retailing for under $340! For that price you get a stainless steel barreled muzzleloader, a scope and a case. That’s a great deal in my opinion!

CVA Wolf Scope PackageCleaning:  Being a break-action style muzzleloader and having the new QRBP system, I have never had an easier muzzleloader to clean than this one. The break-open design makes it easy to clean through the rifle without having to detach the barrel.

Overall:  I would recommend this gun to anyone. It is a great shooter and comes with a ton of great features. One of the only drawbacks I see is the barrel length, which is only 24”, making it less accurate than the longer barreled Accura and Optima models. I do love the fact that the package is completely assembled and easy to use. Like I said earlier, it is the perfect rifle for the novice hunter or for the guy who has been muzzleloading for 20 years.

Happy Hunting,