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24 pack

Barnes® Spit Fire TMZ Bullets

.50 Caliber Sabot with .451 diameter bullet
250 Grain - 24 pack - Model 30598

The Barnes TMZ muzzleloader bullets feature 100% copper core construction and TMZ’s patented polymer tip. Barnes sabots offer exceptional accuracy and shocking power, combined with deep, reliable penetration.

These Spit Fire sabots retain virtually 100% of their original weight and have a higher ballistic coefficient, enabling exceptionally long-range performance. The streamlined tip increases expansion for faster loading and superior accuracy.

Barnes TMZ Bullet Reviews

"Over the years I’ve taken more game with Barnes bullets out of muzzleloaders than any other. That includes a lot of hunts and a lot of rifles. It also includes a wide diversity of ranges: from 8 yards to past 285 yards. The closest shots have been with Barnes saboted projectiles, as well as the very longest. When it comes to muzzleloading projectile performance, the most important criteria is penetration. Aside from the accuracy afforded by Barnes bullets, nothing penetrates better than a Barnes bullet and that is what sets them apart."

Randy Wakeman - chuckhawks.com

"I use Barnes 250gr MZ expander in my Knight Disc Extreme with 100gr Blackhorn 209. I can touch holes in the bullseye at 100 yards. The two deer I shot with it last year, (one at 40 yards and the other at 90 yards), didn't go far. Small entry wound and a 4" exit wound on both. When target practicing with them, every one expanded perfectly."

Barnes® Bullets
Exceptional long-range performance

Bullet Expansion
Streamlined polymer tip enhances expansion

Quick Loading
Designed for use with the Barnes aligner tool

Optimized Ballistics
Designed for modern inline muzzleloader twist rates