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20 pack

Bloodline® Bullets .50/300

300 Grain - 20 pack - Model M900544
(.50 Cal) Red Sabot with .458 diameter bullets

The Bloodline series from Knight Rifles offers consistently accurate bullets. These bullets are designed specifically for the twist rates of modern inline muzzeloaders.

Each brass bullet is individually CNC-machined for maximum precision. Bloodline bullets feature 6:1 segmenting expansion, which increases tissue and organ damage making for better blood trails. The EZ-load sabots are thin-walled, making loading a breeze. All Bloodline series bullets are proudly made in the USA.

Bloodline Bullet Reviews

"I used a Bloodline bullet on a cow elk at 150 yards...I will not use anything else now. It opened and cut the lungs and heart all up...and broke the shoulder."

"I have been using the bullet for three years now...It operates on a totally different theory than we normal humans are used to. It is not exactly a mushrooming bullet... It mushrooms to a given angle then slings off its petals in the organs causing additional damage to adjacent organs. The petals...will run out about 6-8" into the organs.

...besides creating a great deal of 'hydrostatic shock' to the organs, (Bloodlines) also cause terrible trauma and shock to the animal. The remaining core of the bullet then acts as a...conical and continues through the animal, most often exiting and creating a really good blood trail...Cool bullets…"

Doubled Knurled Stability
Precisely matches the bullet to the sabot

Knight® Rifles
Bloodline bullets made by Knight Rifles

Precision Machined
Produced individually on a precision CNC lathe

Segmenting Expansion
6:1 segment petals easily slice through tissue

Optimized Ballistics
Designed for modern inline muzzleloader twist rates

100% American Made
Bloodline bullets are proudly made in the USA