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Lyman Plains Pistol

Unparalleled combination of traditional style
and modern performance (.50 Caliber)

Lyman Plains Pistol recreates the trapper's pistol of the mid-1800's while incorporating the best of modern steels and technology. It's the perfect companion to a Lyman black powder rifle. This percussion pistol is loaded with quality features.

The richly stained walnut stock compliments blackened iron furniture, polished brass trigger guard and ramrod tips. The hooked patent breech is taken down quickly and easily for cleaning. Just like the original Plains Pistol, the thimble is recessed into the rib and a detachable belt hook provides an alternative to using a holster. The Plains Pistol also comes standard with a fixed iron rear sight and a front iron-blade sight. The spring-loaded trigger and 9-3/4" barrel with a fast 1 in 30" twist make it remarkably accurate. 

Lyman Plains Pistol Reviews

"(Lyman Plains Pistols) are pretty accurate...I can break clays with mine at 100 yards with a light load of 20gr 3F on a regular basis. I don't hit the clay on every shot but misses are not off by much. I chronied this load at 655 fps so there is about a half second delay between the shot and the impact...Put in some practice time and you'll be surprised how accurate these can be.”

"I have had mine for over a year and it always gets compliments at the range. It is very accurate and a joy to shoot. I use Pyrodex or black powder and it hits the bullseye frequently at 50yds with a round ball. It's a beautiful piece of work.”

Spring Loaded Trigger
Single-style lightweight trigger

Lyman® Muzzleloaders
Quality made Muzzleloaders

European Walnut Stock
Hand-crafted oil finished patina

Custom Wooden Ramrod
Includes a durable cleaning jag

Percussion Ignition

Sidelock incorporating

#11 or musket caps

Octagonal Blued Barrel

9-3/4" Barrel with a

1:30 twist rate

Product Information