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Lyman Deerstalker Rifle

Beautiful, reliable, accurate muzzleloader
Performance in the field or at the range (.50 Caliber)

The Lyman Deerstalker is the ideal rifle for the muzzleloader whose primary focus is hunting. Like all Lyman black powder guns, the Deerstalker has an impressive collection of top-quality rifle features. The rich walnut stock is specially designed with minimal drop for improved sight picture, and includes a handsome black rubber pad to lessen recoil.

The barrel and all metal parts are specifically blackened to avoid glare. All Lyman locks employ a rugged, reliable coil mainspring. The rifle's 24" barrel with 1:48" twist is ideal for roundball or maxi hunting bullets. The Deerstalker combines all these traditional qualities with modern features that the serious hunter demands.

Each rifle features an beautifully designed stock with Lyman front and rear hunting sights for improved sight picture. The shorter barrel and lighter weight make the Deerstalker ideal for carrying on an all day hunt. All Lyman rifles come with sling swivel studs and handsome rubber pad, which adds comfort and reduces recoil The ultra quiet single trigger is fast and efficient.

*Includes high visibility fiber optic sights as standard equipment

Lyman Deerstalker Reviews

"This is a fantastic rifle. It's light weight, well balanced, handles well and is incredibly accurate with a patched round ball...My Deerstalker will put 3 shots into a nickel sized hole at 50yds. My Lyman Deerstalker is just as accurate as my Lyman Great Plains Rifle, but handier and easier to get into and out of a deer stand with.”

"The deerstalker is a great rifle. I own a Traditions as well as the Deerstalker. In my opinion, the Lyman is a much better...rifle”

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Ultra quiet single-style trigger

Lyman® Muzzleloaders
Quality made Muzzleloaders

Rich Walnut Stock
Hand-crafted oil finished solid walnut stock

Delrin Ramrod
Includes a durable cleaning jag

Percussion Ignition

Sidelock incoporating

#11 or musket caps

Octagonal Blued Barrel

32" Barrel with a

1:48 twist rate

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