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Lyman Great Plains Rifle

An unparalleled combination of traditional style
and modern performance (.50 Caliber)

The rifle carried across the Great Plains by western pioneers and fur trappers was the culmination of percussion firearms development. Originally designed and built by such famous makers as Hawken, Gemmer and Demick, the Great Plains Rifle represents the most reliable design and finest workmanship available. No other factory-assembled rifle or kit offers the authentic style and design of Lyman's Great Plains Rifle.

This classic muzzleloader offers legendary quality such high quality features such as a 32" barrel with 1 in 60" twist for patched ball and hunting loads, double set triggers, and Hawken style percussion "snail" with clean out screw. The rifle includes a separate ramrod entry thimble and nose cap, and reliable coil spring lock with correct lock plate. Lyman's Great Plains Rifle is available in .50 percussion, and is factory assembled. The Lyman Great Plains Rifle is an attractive, traditional muzzleloader that is rugged, well built and meant to last.

Lyman Great Plains Reviews

"This Muzzleloader is absolutely worth every penny. I just started muzzleloading last fall, and struggled with three Thompson Center Hawkins muzzleloaders. I finally had enough and ordered this gun. It is without a doubt one of the best purchases I have made...I harvested a trophy class pronghorn with it this fall. He was 85 yards away, and this gun performed magnificently. One shot did the job. I like this firearm so well that I am purchasing one for my brother for Christmas. So impressed by the quality of this muzzleloader.”

"The Lyman Great Plains rifle is an attractive traditional muzzleloader that is rugged and well built for years of shooting and hunting.”

J. Motes - yahoo.com

Adjustable Trigger
Double-set style trigger, factory installed quality

Lyman® Muzzleloaders
Quality made Muzzleloaders

European Walnut Stock
Hand-crafted oil finished patina

Custom Wooden Ramrod
Includes a durable cleaning jag

Percussion Ignition
Sidelock incorporating #11 or musket caps

Octagonal Blued Barrel
32" Barrel with a 1:60 twist rate

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