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Thompson Center® Muzzleloader Round Balls - .50 Caliber (490 Diameter) 175 Grain Box of 100

Thompson Center® round balls - 100 pack
.50 Caliber (.490 diameter) lead round balls

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Thompson Center® Muzzleloader Round Balls are the ideal ammunition for hunting or target shooting with your favorite Muzzleloader. These .50 caliber round balls are cold swaged from pure lead, and are exceptionally uniform with no air pockets, voids or flat spots. The resulting smooth round surface allows for better rotation and improved accuracy.

Sized to work with most Thompson Center® .50 caliber Rifle or Pistol, the .490 diameter round balls work best with slower twist rate rifles and smooth bore rifles, and come in a 100-count package. For hunters that prefer, or are required by law, to use patched round balls in their Muzzleloaders, these pure lead round balls are just the ticket.


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100 PACK
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