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Thompson Center™ Muzzcharger Black Powder Speed Loader - 1078975

Thompson Center™ Muzzcharger Black Powder Speed Loader - 1078975

Speed loader, bullet starter, primer & powder holder
Revolving cylinder speed loader with barrel clamp & starter

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The brand new Thompson Center™ Muzzcharger Black Powder Speed Loader is a revolutionary all in one speed loading system. Lite weight and compact, you can use the new Muzzcharger speed loader for any muzzleloader in the field or at the range. This new system allows the user to consolidate all of the needed reloading supplies into one convenient system for secure and water tight storage.

The great features of the Thompson Center™ Muzzcharger speed loader include: an all in one 3-shot revolving cylinder, single-stroke loading action for seating the powder charge and bullet, built in primer holder, included decaping tool for 209 primers, and the ability to hold up to 150 grains of powder by volume. Additionally the Muzzcharger can function as a palmsaver attachment for your ramrod. These great features make the Muzzcharger speed loader the ultimate reloading system for maximum speed and efficiency.


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