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CVA™ Brass Trophy Powder Measure - 130 Grain Capacity - AC1609

CVA™ Brass Trophy Powder Measure - 130 Grain Capacity - AC1609

by CVA

100% Adjustable brass blackpowder measure
Loads up to 130 grains of loose powder or pyrodex

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The CVA™ Trophy Powder Measure is a universal brass powder measure makes loading your muzzleloader easy and consistent. The convenient all-brass funnel swivels to perfectly level off your powder each time, giving you more consistent, accurate loads. This durable measure can handle up to 130 grains of blackpowder or Pyrodex™ propellant. The solid brass construction won't cause any spark, and works well with all muzzleloading rifles.

The CVA Trophy Powder Black Powder Measure is capable of measuring powder charges from 60 to 130 grains. The solid brass construction is built to last, and the large brass funnel swivels over the measure to help prevent powder spills. This is a great powder measure if you are shooting loose powder this season.

***Always use caution when loading a firearm


Durable Brass Construction
Works With All Muzzleloaders
Adjustable Loads
60-130 GRAINS