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Williams™ Western Precision Muzzleloading Sight Set - Fiber Optic - CVA, Traditions, T/C & Knight - 604816

Williams™ Western Precision Muzzleloading Sight Set - Fiber Optic - CVA, Traditions, T/C & Knight - 604816

Includes peep and globe sight with fiber optic insert
Made in the USA - machined aluminum, rustproof peep sights

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The Williams Western Precision Muzzleloading Sight is the ultimate sight setup for western hunters in states that do not allow scopes on muzzleloaders. The Precision Muzzleloading Sight set includes a Williams WGRS rear peep sight, with a new front globe sight. While globe sights are nothing new to muzzleloading, this sight is a new model that attaches directly to the barrel of modern inline muzzleloaders, without using any dovetail mounts or additional bases. The Williams Globe Front Sight attaches with one screw, directly to the barrel.

With California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington all requiring muzzleloading hunters to use open sights, this new sight set is the perfect solution for those hunters looking to stretch their range. This model features a fiber optic insert to offer increased visibility in low light conditions. The fiber optic bead is kept as small as possible while still offering excellent visibility to ensure you can still see your target well at longer distances.

Previously, muzzleloading hunters that wanted this kind of setup would have to buy the Williams WGRS sight, Lyman Front Globe, Williams Dovetail Front Ramp, and Lee Shaver Inserts to achieve this same system, but with additional pieces and a more complicated result. Now, with this sight set from Williams, you can get everything you need in one package, that will fit your gun and load data.

Built out of solid aluminum, the Williams Western Precision Muzzleloader Sights are durable and lightweight. These sights are easy to mount, sight in, and are sure to extend your muzzleloader range and increase accuracy. Included in the package are the required mounting screws, front globe sight, and rear WGRS peep sight.

NOTE: This model does NOT come with the 6 reticle inserts. 


Fits CVA Inline Muzzleloaders
Fits Traditions Inline Muzzleloaders
Fits T/C Inline Muzzleloaders
Fits Knight Muzzleoaders


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jerry L. (Pooler, GA)
Will do the job

Building a Bedford(stock) style rifle only with a half stock and a percussion lock. 32 cal. loading with .314, 130gn paper patched conical cast. Needed a LR sight. Williams did the job. Only thing is I had to machine flats on sights to fit my octagonal barrel. With round balls it will do for squirrels and such. Conicals are for deer!

David F. (Knoxville, TN)
Williams Peep Site!

Swapped out the stock peep on my CVA Omega MR-X. Very easy, no issues with the front sight, fit flush against the muzzle. Shot 3 shots to break in the gun at 25 yards, alignment was easy and had all 3 shots touching. I haven't shot open sights for 40 years, this sight really helps. Going on a CO elk hunt this fall.

Todd S.
Williams fiber obtic sight set.

The sight set fit a Traditions Vortex tapered barrel perfectly with the rear sight centered (for 100 yards.) when the rear sight is placed in the scope mount holes by the breach of the gun. Great for dark woods and dim lighting. I also bought the rear peep insert with fiber optic sides.

Love it

Great for long range with cva accura rx .

Williams Western Precision globe/ peep Fiber optic

Love this sight. Works better for me than the interchangeable steel reticle version.
With aging eyes, the inserts were hard to see even when painted brightly. Dimmed out in low light. Younger eyes might be different.
This newer fiber optic version is far superior.
Small enough to be precise at long range yet easy to see against any background.
I like this enough i bought 2 more sets.
Get a spare F/O insert or two. They are cheap and easy to replace if needed.