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CVA™ PowerBelt 5-in-1 Roto-load Field Loading Tool - AC1502

by CVA

Pellet & Primer Loader, 209 Decapper, Short Starter & Palm Saver All-in-One
.50 Caliber T-loader replaces all five loading tools

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The CVA™ Power Belt 5-in-1 Roto-Load Field Loading Tool is designed to make bullet case reloading a simple, rapid process for any magnum load and bullet. The PowerBelt™ Roto-Load is virtually five key muzzleloading tools in one compact design.

The Rotoload will hold 3 powder and projectile loads to ensure quick reloads when is counts most. It conveniently holds and stores 209 primers in an easy access compartment to guarantee quick reloads. In addition, the PowerBelt™ Roto-load acts as a short starter to send loads down your barrel before switching to a ramrod, palm saver to finish the load home and 209 de-capper to quickly de-cap your primer.

The Roto-load is constructed of durable, see-through "OD" green tinted, composite plastic that blends with your camo, while allowing you to see which tubes are loaded. It’s a magnificent tool for either the PowerBelt™ bullet shooter or the sabot shooter who need a short starter and palm saver in order to quickly and comfortably load a follow-up shot. Not to mention, its one compact tool that can be conveniently carried on its lanyard, attached to your belt or simply carried in your pocket.

No other product combines a rapid loader, short starter, palm saver and 209 decapper all in one product. The CVA™ PowerBelt® 5-in-1 Roto Loader is positively a must-have accessory for any serious muzzleloader shooter.


.50 Caliber
Bullet Starter
Powder Storage
Palm Saver
209 Decapper


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