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Hornady® FPB™ Muzzleloader Bullets - .50 Caliber Full Bore Bullets 300 & 350 Grain

by Hornady

Full Bore Bullets - 300 & 350 Grain - 15 Pack
.50 Cal full bore bullets with Flex Tip™ technology

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Hornady® FPB™ Muzzleloader Bullets are a full bore conical, a true .50 caliber bullet for use without a sabot.  Featuring a copper jacket and streamlined profile that eliminates the need for a sabot, these bullets make loading a breeze. Clean, convenient, and spot-on accurate, these 300 or 350 grain bullets are engineered to work flawlessly in all .50 caliber muzzleloaders. Hornady® FPB™ bullets feature Hornady® Flex Tip® technology for streamlined and aerodynamic function that maximizes bullet ballistics by compressing upon impact to deliver rapid expansion.

Upon impact, the Hornady FPB's flexible elastomer tip compresses into the nose of the bullet causing violent expansion at impact velocities from 800 to 2000 fps, creating extraordinary transfer of energy for quick, efficient kills and minimal tracking, if any. The Hornady® FPB™ 300 grain bullets are easy to load, deliver surgical-like accuracy and consistent, devastating performance. Why would you shoot anything else? The Hornady® FPB Muzzleloader Bullets come in a package of 15.


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