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Lyman® Brass Smith 500 Mechanical Metal Scale - 7752225

Lyman® Brass Smith 500 Mechanical Metal Scale - 7752225

by Lyman

Accurate up to 0.1 grains
Manual powder measuring system, for all powders

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SKU 7752225


The Lyman® Brass Smith 500 Metal Reloading Scale is packed with the features that serious reloaders want and need. Built upon a solid aluminum body that reduces vibration you can be confident the measurements on this scale will be precise and accurate. 

The double sided beam along with a pan with handles on both sides makes the scale user friendly for both right and left handed reloaders. Additionally the beam has a bright white background with dark black markings making it easy and fast to ready. This scale is carefully calibrated at the factory to ensure accuracy out to plus or minus 1/10 of a grain and is honed for smooth and easy operation.


Pan Included
Works With All Powders
Durable Metal Construction