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Lyman® E-ZEE-FLO Universal Powder Trickler - 7752477

Lyman® E-ZEE-FLO Universal Powder Trickler - 7752477

by Lyman

Adjustable base to accommodate most reloading scales
Powder tube extension comes included with the trickler

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SKU 7752477


The Lyman® E-ZEE-FLO powder trickler features an adaptable design that is adjustable and will work for almost any reloading scale. This trickler has an adjustable base that allows for height adjustments on the tricker stand to ensure it will work with manual balance beam scales as well as electronic scales with wider bases.

Additionally, the Lyman® E-ZEE-FLO powder trickler comes with a powder tube extension as well to ensure that you can get lined up on the pan for every scale on the market.


Adjustable Height
Works With All Powders
Powder Tube Extension