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Need Expert Advice? Give us a Call: (855) 236-5000

Montana X-Treme® Gun Grease 10cc Syringe - 07020

Provides extreme lubrication for high-friction parts
Rated for a temperature range of -50˚F to +600˚F

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The Montana X-Treme® Gun Grease provides intense lubrication for high-friction and moving gun parts to ensure your rifle’s smooth, reliable function. All guns become damaged and unreliable when lubrication fails, so it’s imperative to protect your firearm with the all-purpose, Montana X-Treme® Gun Grease that won’t breakdown under extreme temperatures.

The Gun Grease is rated for an extreme temperature range of -50˚F to 600˚F, so this anti-friction, heavy load-bearing grease stays in place without hardening. It is virtually unaffected by heat, water and corrosive moisture, making it ideal for weatherproofing metal.

Montana X-Treme® Gun Grease is available in a convenient small syringe for easy application. It's handy, easy to use and very clean. No more mess trying to apply grease with your fingers or a Q-tip. Just like that, apply where needed on your gun, and snap the cap back on. This X-Treme® Grease won't harden in the cold and doesn't melt away in the heat. What more can you ask for in a gun grease.


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