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Sitka® Mountain Pants - Rugged Terrain Pants

Sitka® Mountain Pants - Rugged Terrain Pants

by Sitka

Premium quality hunting apparel
Built to help hunters succeed in the toughest conditions

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$209.00 - $209.00
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SKU 50104-SA-32R
Size: 32R
Camo/Color: Subalpine


Sitka Mountain Pants are one of the most versatile pairs of hunting pants on the market to date. The Mountain Pant features wind protection layers, water repellency, incredible durability, and excellent breathability. These features combine to provide hunting pant that is built for just about any application!

One great bonus feature of the Sitka Mountain Pant is the inclusion of removable knee pads. This allows for flexibility and greater comfort. If a long hike is needed through easy terrain the pads can be easily removed. If you find yourself in tough rocky terrain where having some padding in the knees is vital simply reinstall the knee pads.     

Hunting embodies the passion, pursuit, and difficulty that so many crave. Having the right gear allows the hunter to immerse themselves into the hunt without fretting about the conditions. Sitka gear is uniquely designed to minimize weight while providing warmth and breathability.

The difference between high-quality hunting clothing and the average gear most of us have been used to using is astounding. Not only does Sitka gear allow for full range of motion with minimal weight burden but the gear performs as advertised. Keeping you warm when glassing, in a stand or hunkering down to get a shot, and helping to keep you dry and cool when on the move. Something that sets Sitka apart is its ability to be used in both warm and cold climates while still maintaining the desired level of comfort. The Sitka layering system provides all of the needed layers to make backcountry excursions in the high alpine country or in the low desert, keeping you protected from the elements and able to focus on the task at hand. 


26.2 OZ
Water Repellent
Articulated Fit
Removable Knee Pads INCLUDED