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Thor™ Low Recoil Aluminum Bullets - .50 Caliber 60 Grain Bullets - 50 Pack

by Thor

50 Pack - High Speed Aluminum Bullets
.50 Caliber, 60 Grain Hollow Points

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The Thor™ Aluminum Sabot Bullets produced by OPG Gun Ventures are a high speed, low recoil sabot bullet. The .40 caliber hollow point sits inside an MMP Sabot for .50 caliber muzzleloaders. With 100% aluminum construction, the bullet is also certified legal non-lead in California. The Thor™ Bullets are built on a limited basis and are manufactured by OPG™ Gun Ventures. The Aluminum Thor™ Bullet is proven to be extremely accurate at the 100 to 150 yard range while providing significantly less recoil. 

The Aluminum Thor™ Bullets are a premium bullet with proven technology. These hollow point bullets feature MMP™ EZ sabots which, expand allowing the sabot to grip the rifling, while the gas seal completely seals the bore. The lightweight aluminum construction allows these bullets to shoot at high velocities with significantly less recoil than regular muzzleloading rounds.


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