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Best Muzzleloader Bullet Weights for Hunting

Best Muzzleloader Bullet Weights for Hunting

If you are looking to head out on a deer or elk hunt this fall but need to know what bullet weight to use in your muzzleloader, this is the video for you! Selecting the proper bullet weight for your black powder rifle can be a complicated question but it is our goal on the Muzzle-Loaders Podcast to help make muzzleloading simple.

This two minute video will not only provide you with the correct bullet weight for your needs but it will also explain why these weights matter. After watching this video you should feel confident about choosing a bullet for your upcoming elk or deer hunt!

At first, muzzleloading can be an overwhelming new sport, but we are here to help you get everything figured out. Whether you're hunting deer in the thick woods, sitting in a stand over a cornfield in the midwest, or chasing elk in the mountains. Our goal is to help you on your muzzleloading adventures!

Of course, for any questions about muzzleloading, you are welcome to call us at 1-855-236-5000, or email us at


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