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Do I Need a CVA Blackhorn 209 Breech Plug?

Do I Need a CVA Blackhorn 209 Breech Plug?

The CVA Blackhorn 209 Breech Plug is a must have if you plan to use Blackhorn 209 in your muzzleloader and here's why.

The CVA Blackhorn Breech Plug is the subject of a lot of questions and we are hoping to help you understand the function of this breech plug so you can determine if it is needed for your muzzleloader. The Standard QRBP breech plug from CVA is no able to ignite Blackhorn 209 very efficiently due to the small flash hole so CVA designed the Blackhorn Breech Plug specifically for use with BH209. In this video we answer many of our frequently asked questions regarding this breech plug and I hope that this information helps you!

CVA Blackhorn 209 Breech Plug:

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