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Hangfires in a Muzzleloader

Hangfires in a Muzzleloader

Hang-fires can be a scary thing to deal with, especially if you are new to muzzleloading and knowing how to safely handle a hang fire is crucial. Hang-fires happen to the best of us in muzzleloading.

Today we are going to give you some steps to help you handle a hang-fire safely so that you can be confident the next time you have to confront this issue.

THINGS WE MENTIONED: Nipple Pick: CVA QRBP Clean-Out Tool Kit:

At first, muzzleloading can be an overwhelming new sport, but we are here to help you get everything figured out. Whether you are hunting deer in the thick woods, sitting in a stand over a cornfield in the midwest, or chasing elk in the mountains.

Our goal is to help you on your muzzleloading adventures! Of course, for any questions about muzzleloading, you are welcome to call us at 1-855-236-5000, or email us at

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