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SHOT Show 2022 Day 2 - Pedersoli | Federal | Gary Lewis

SHOT Show 2022 Day 2 - Pedersoli | Federal | Gary Lewis

We are coming at you with more exciting content from SHOT Show 2022 and day 2 was just as much fun as day 1!

Pedersoli was our first stop of the day and we had a lot of fun recording with Justin Dodd. We were fortunate to be able to record a podcast and a few other videos with Justin that I think you will enjoy! Justin is a blast and he has a lot of knowledge when it comes to Pedersoli guns! We also made it a point to stop by the Federal booth to check out the Federal FireSticks and what we found was way more exciting than what we were expecting! To top it all off we were able to connect with Gary Lewis from Gary Lewis Outdoors. It was great to catch up with Gary and chat about some of the hunts that he had been on recently! Overall it was another great day of SHOT Show!

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