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Three Reasons to Start Muzzleloader Hunting in 2022 Three Reasons to Start Muzzleloader Hunting in 2022 > Three Reasons to Start Muzzleloader Hunting in 2022

3 Reasons to Start Muzzleloader Hunting

Muzzleloader hunting is a topic that most in the black powder community are familiar with yet it remains largely unknown to those of the general hunting community. At, we are deeply passionate about muzzleloading in all its forms, however, muzzleloader hunting is certainly one of our favorites. With tag deadlines approaching, many of us are deciding where we will spend our time this fall and we want to give you three reasons why you should strongly consider muzzleloader hunting in 2022.

Better and Longer Seasons

Over the years, hunting culture and television shows have led to an increased number of archery and rifle hunters.

CVA Accura LR-X MuzzleloaderMuzzleloading, however, has remained largely unaffected by this and continues to be a relatively small part of the hunting world. This leads to higher success rates due to there being fewer hunters and reduced animal pressure. Also, some states like Oregon and Colorado offer muzzleloader seasons that take place during peak rut allowing you to enjoy the excitement of bugling bulls and rattling bucks that could otherwise only be experienced during archery season. You will also find that muzzleloader hunts are significantly easier to draw than most other tags and there are some areas where leftover tags are often available. Additionally, some states grant you a second chance at success by providing muzzleloader seasons that allow you to hunt on a rifle or archery tag that went unfilled earlier in the year. This provides you with more hunting opportunities and an increased chance of filling the freezer. 


High-Performance Muzzleloaders

When we think of muzzleloaders, traditional flintlocks and percussion guns initially come to mind, and while these muzzleloader styles are a significant part of the black powder world, they are not the only aspect of muzzleloading.


CVA Paramount HTR Muzzleloader
Over the last decade, muzzleloader technology has improved greatly with some muzzleloaders like the CVA Paramount and Remington 700 UML being capable of shots up to 400 yards and beyond. This means that you can hunt during the rut with a weapon that is effective at ranges far beyond that of even the best archery setups. This is just one of the advantages found in muzzleloader hunting.


A More Rich & Challenging Experience

As hunters, we are constantly searching for new ways to enjoy the outdoors, and while muzzleloading is not a “new way”, it does present an excellent opportunity to challenge ourselves and diversify our outdoor experiences. Muzzleloading is steeped in rich traditions that can be traced back to the late 13th century. Traditional muzzleloading presents a unique opportunity to branch out and participate in the history of our ancestors. Many traditional muzzleloader manufacturers offer build-it-yourself muzzleloader kits that allow you to personally craft the rifle that you are hunting with, leading to an extremely personalized muzzleloading experience.

Investarm Gemmer Hawken Mountain Man Rendezvous

Modern muzzleloading on the other hand, though not as directly associated with the history, still has roots in traditional muzzleloading. Modern muzzleloading provides you with increased efficiency, while still maintaining a connection to the spirit of the sport. No matter which camp you fall into, muzzleloading is able to provide a unique and stimulating hunting experience that you will not find through any other hunting method. 




Muzzleloading is an incredibly special sport that is full of both tradition and practicality. We hope that after reading this, you will put in for your first muzzleloader hunt and share the same passion that we do for the sport. If you have any questions about how to get started in black powder hunting then feel free to call our friendly and knowledgable customer service team at 1-855-236-5000 or send us an email at and we will be happy to help. 

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