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CVA Crossfire Muzzleloader Release FireStick Compatible CVA Crossfire Muzzleloader Release FireStick Compatible > CVA Crossfire Muzzleloader Release FireStick Compatible

CVA™ Announces FireStick Compatible Crossfire Muzzleloader

The Federal FireStick ignition has had a large impact on the muzzleloader community since its release in 2020. Previously, the FireStick has been used exclusively with the Traditions NitroFire, but now a new competitor has arrived. New for 2023, CVA is introducing a FireStick compatible muzzleloader called the CVA Crossfire. We were able to get hands-on with the CVA Crossfire at SHOT Show this year and we want to give you our first impressions of this exciting new muzzleloader from CVA.


CVA Crossfire Features

The CVA Crossfire utilizes a platform that is very similar to the CVA Optima in overall design and feel with the main differences being the FireStick ignition and some small ergonomic changes to the stock design to improve comfort. The CVA Crossfire is offered with a standard 26” stainless steel barrel. There is also a Nitride and CeraKote option that is available for a small price increase. 

At this point, we would like to explain the Federal FireStick in more detail. The FireStick is a waterproof polymer cartridge that contains a premeasured charge of Hodgdon Triple Eight powder. In a FireStick compatible muzzleloader, the bullet is loaded from the muzzle and rests on a shelf that is machined into the interior of the barrel. The FireStick itself is then loaded from the breech and the primer is inserted into a primer pocket located on the rear of the FireStick.

Federal FireStick


This allows for a simple, safe, and hassle-free loading process that is perfect for anyone who is new to muzzleloading or is looking for an efficient ignition system that is weather resistant. Our testing with the Federal FireStick has produced incredible results including single-digit standard deviation numbers in some instances. We have also received excellent feedback from members of our community that have utilized the ignition system in the field over the last few years.  

Crossfire First Impressions

We are very excited to see another muzzleloader manufacturer adopt the Federal FireStick ignition. At it is our goal to share our passion for black powder with everyone and we believe that this muzzleloader will help decrease the barrier of entry into muzzleloading and make it easier for new people to join the sport.

From a quality standpoint, we were very impressed with the Crossfire that we saw at SHOT Show. It seemed to include the same high-end features and quality that we have come to expect from CVA muzzleloaders. We expect this muzzleloader to perform at a high level and we are excited to conduct our own tests with the CVA Crossfire later this year so stay tuned for more Crossfire content. 

If you have any questions regarding the CVA Crossfire then please feel free to reach out to our team at 1-855-236-5000 or send us an email at and we will be happy to help.
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