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New Traditions Muzzleloaders for 2021 New Traditions Muzzleloaders for 2021 > New Traditions Muzzleloaders for 2021

New Traditions Muzzleloaders for 2021

Traditions™ Performance Firearms has released the 2021 lineup of inline and traditional muzzleloaders. Last year, Traditions revealed the innovative NitroFire muzzleloader, alongside the Federal FireStick. This year, Traditions has revealed a refresh to many of their inline muzzleloaders with an upgraded trigger in the Buckstalker models, alongside a faster twist rate in the Pursuit and Vortek muzzleloaders.

The Traditions Buckstalker XT is an upgraded version of the previous Buckstalker, with a better trigger design. The XT trigger found in the new Buckstalker is a more crisp and clean design, with a rebounding hammer system for additional safety and reliability. The new Buckstalker muzzleloaders will not increase in price for 2021, which is great news as well.

The ever-popular Traditions Pursuit G4 will now be upgraded to the Pursuit XT VAPR. This muzzleloader will feature the same XT trigger system that we have seen in the past, with an upgraded 1:24” twist rate barrel, branded the VAPR barrel. The Pursuit VAPR will be an excellent muzzleloader for hunters looking for a versatile, yet affordable muzzleloader.

The long-distance gun of the Traditions muzzleloading line has been the Vortek StrikerFire LDR. New for 2021, the Vortek LDR will also feature the VAPR barrel. With either 28” or 30” barrel options, the Vortek StrikerFire VAPR is going to be a dominant gun that is equally at home in a ground blind, or in the mountains. With the lightweight design and faster twist rate, this gun is capable of taking game at up to 300 yards.

Last year’s unveiling of the Traditions NitroFire was a huge hit. This year, the NitroFire is back again, with the addition of Veil Wideland camo and a Burnt Bronze CeraKote barrel. This combination is an extremely eye-catching design, that is sure to be a huge hit. The NitroFire was received very well in 2021 and has brought a large number of new shooters into the muzzleloading community.

While 2021 doesn’t have the huge splash for Traditions that 2020 did, we are still extremely excited to see the faster twist rates in action this fall. Additionally, the upgraded trigger in the Buckstalker is sure to be hit with anyone who is shopping for an affordable muzzleloader. With these incremental updates, we believe that Traditions has a great line of muzzleloaders for just about anyone looking for a new muzzleloader.

If you have any questions on these new muzzleloaders, or any other muzzleloading product, feel free to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team at or 1-855-236-5000.


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