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Best Prices, Fast Shipping & Expert Advice!
Thor™ Hammer Full Bore Bullets - 247 Grain

Thor™ Hammer Full Bore Bullets - 247 Grain

by Thor

15 Pack - Model 50247 - NW Legal
.50 Caliber, 247 Grain Hollow Point

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$27.99 - $84.00
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SKU 50247-0
Diameter: 15 Pack / .500


The Thor™ Bullet produced by OPG Gun Ventures is a patented, full bore diameter, bullet conical that is bore size specific. The .50 caliber, hollow point, Thor™ Bullet is Colorado legal, which has some of harshest regulations for muzzleloader projectiles. With 100% copper construction, the bullet is also certified legal non-lead in California. The Thor™ Bullets are built on a limited basis, and are manufactured by Barnes™ using their X Bullet® Technology of all copper construction with expansion technology of an integrated expansion ring specifically designed for loading and accuracy. The Thor™ Bullet is proven to be extremely accurate at longer ranges, while providing lethal expansion on deer and elk-sized game. 

The Thor™ Bullets are a premium Barnes bullet with proven technology. The bullet’s hollow base expands when the powder goes off, both gripping the rifling and sealing the bore.  These bullets actually shoot 75-100 grain FPS faster than a Powerbelt due to their superb sealing power. If it is a quality conical you are looking for that won’t fragment into a million pieces, the conical, 247 grain Thor™ Bullet is the way to go.

**** Before purchasing your first pack of Thor™ Bullets, you first need to order a test sizing pack of 4 bullets of diameters of .500”, .501”. .502” and .503” that allows you to correctly size your bore. It is important that you start with the smallest diameter Thor™ Bullet, and work your way up in diameter size until you find the proper fitting Thor™ Bullet for your muzzleloader. While manufacturers have similar bore diameters, they will vary .001”-.002" from gun to gun, so it is extremely important to correctly size your bore to determine which diameter works best for you. 

To determine which bullet is best for your muzzleloader, start with an empty rifle, remove the breechplug and slide in the .500 bullet. If it slips easily down the bore, you then try the .501 and so on.  When you find the diameter that requires about 20/30 ft./lbs. of force to push down the barrel (that is comparable to the resistance you get loading a standard sabot bullet), then that’s the correct size for your rifle


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Thor hammer

Been shooting out of my white rifles very well built great accuracy sometimes hard to find

Roy B.
Great accuracy

I used sizeing kit to determine my bore dia. Easy and fast. I order 50 thor bullets. They shipped fast and I was off to the range. Shot 5 times. All bullets loaded as they should. They all were true to the size I ordered. .502
I used 2 triple 7 pellets and seated the bullets firmly on powder charge.( mark your ram rod for consistency) first 3 shot in 1 ragged hole at 100 yards,last2 shot just a breath out of group.
Shooting of bench withseld rest. Also to same point of impact as my sabots. Did not have to rezero.
No flyers, big full bore holepoint. Whats not to like.

Andrew H.
Great bullet performance

I made the switch to Thor bullets this year hoping for improved accuracy and lethal results and that's exactly what I got. I used a Traditions NW Pursuit G4 Ultralight to hunt with in Oregon. I upgraded the sights with a Lyman globe and a Williams ghost ring. Less than 3 inch groups with the Thor 247 grain .501 with 110 grains 777 FF powder at 100 yards. I shot a whitetail this year at about 50 yards broadside. It was a complete pass through with a tremendous blood trail. I will continue to use Thor's for as long as I can. They have out performed everything else that I've tried.

Reliable and accurate

After using the sizing pack, I found my CVA Optima needed the .501 diameter. Upon receiving them, I took them to the range and shot 1.5" groups with iron sights at 100 yards using 100 grains of Pyrodex pellets.

A few months later I jumped some deer at 55 yards. Heart shot, complete pass through, deer ran maybe 10 yards downhill.

Greg P.
Best bullet for a Oregon elk hunt

Shot my first elk with a smoke pole using Thor full bore bullets 247 grain hollow point, 100 grains 777 at 148 yards.Used a CVA Accura V2 northwest legal .