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Barnes® Expander™ Hollow Point .54 Caliber Muzzleloader Bullets - 325 Grains - 24 Pack

Barnes® Expander™ Hollow Point .54 Caliber Muzzleloader Bullets - 325 Grains - 24 Pack

by Barnes

.54 Caliber Sabot with .5.00 Diameter Bullet
325 Grains - 24 pack - Copper Bullets

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The Barnes® Expander™ Hollow Point Flat Base Muzzleloader Bullets are the muzzleloader equivalent of the X-Bullet. The Barnes™ Expanders are 100 percent copper with a large, hollow cavity for quick and true expansion. The newly, redesigned sabots reduce ramrod pressure needed to load and seat your bullets. The Barnes Expander™ MZ Bullets produce more consistent shot-to-shot velocities and better accuracy than most competing bullets on the market.

Barnes® MZ Expanders™ are flat-base bullets that deliver the same legendary match-grade accuracy of all Barnes’ muzzleloader bullets. The Expanders are known for deadly performance at both high and low velocities. These 24-pack bullets expand to twice their original diameter, creating six, razor-sharp, copper petals that slice through even the largest game without fragmenting. No bullet fragmentation means these tough, deep-driving, muzzleloader bullets typically retain 100 percent of their original weight, giving you maximum kinetic energy upon impact.


Bullet Weight
Package Quantity
Sabot Caliber
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G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 325 Grains