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Best Prices, Fast Shipping & Expert Advice!
Barnes® Spit Fire T-EZ Bullets - .50 Cal - 290 Grain

Barnes® Spit Fire T-EZ Bullets - .50 Cal - 290 Grain

by Barnes

.50 Caliber Sabot with .451 diameter bullet
290 Grain - 15 or 24 pack - Easy loading sabots

Original price $26.00 - Original price $36.00
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$26.00 - $36.00
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SKU 30592
Package Qty: 15 Pack


The Barnes™ Spit-Fire T-EZ muzzleloader bullets are easier to load in even the tightest bores. The newly redesigned sabots reduce ramrod pressure needed to load and seat your bullets. 

The T-EZ is a .50-caliber, flat-base bullet that delivers the same legendary match-grade accuracy of all Barnes’ muzzleloader bullets. The patented polymer tip enhances expansion and boosts the ballistic coefficient for superior long-range ballistics. The Spitfire™ sabot expands at all ranges, near or far, while the six razor-edge cutting petals maximize shock and penetration.


Bullet Weight
Package Quantity
15 OR 24 PACK
Sabot Caliber
Bullet Diameter
G1 Ballistic Coefficient


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jack W.
Great bullet

Great expansion on an elk at 147 yards. Went 50 yards and was done. 100% expansion and weight retention.

Great on elk

Shot a bull at 80 yards with a decent charge of blackhorn, dumped him where he stood. No follow up shot necessary. I can shoot 2” groups with these in my optima at 10 yards with western precision sights, I’m sure if I had a scope it’d be MOA. Never been a huge fan of barnes bullets in center fire cartridges, but these just flat out kill.

Top Choice

I've shot many different bullets through my .50 cal. CVA and these are by far the most accurate and lethal. Every shot I've made with these bullets has resulted in the game dropped where they stood. Great bullets and a Great company to do business with. Customer service and quick shipping down to TX is excellent.

highly recommend

I hate changes but i wanted a heavier bullet Tried these and they are awesome Have not shot a deer yet, but these should be no problem

Charles T.
Awesome bullets

I bought these after reading about them feeding easier. I have used the older barnes mz's 300gr hp with the black sabots and they were always very had to push down the barrel but still accurate and deadly on deer, elk that I have killed. I was extremely happy after buying and loading the newer spit fire T-EZ 290gr bullets. Way easier to feed, I loaded them with 90 of blackhorn 209 in my T/C euncore. I went to the range to sight in and the first three shots hit the bulls eye 3/4" @100 yards(first time that happened) two days later I shot my buck at about 90 yards he staggered about 5 yards and dropped. Same excelent quality and performance from Barnes I will never use any other bullet.