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Birchwood Casey® Plum Brown™ Barrel Finish - 5 oz Glass Bottle - 14130

Birchwood Casey® Plum Brown™ Barrel Finish - 5 oz Glass Bottle - 14130

Fast-acting for consistent barrel browning and antiquing
Great for quick & easy browning of your replica or antique barrel

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SKU 14130


Birchwood Casey™ Plum Brown Barrel Finish is perfect for finishing your muzzleloader rifle or kit. Plum Brown™ Barrel Finish is ideal for restoring antique guns, muzzleloaders and other metal antiques. The Birchwood Casey™ Plum Brown finish produces a rich, authentic, old-world style brown finish for original or replica antique firearms.

Birchwood Casey's Plum Brown Finish provides a durable, protective and attractive finish that’s simple and easy to apply. Simply heat the rifle barrel or metal surface with a propane torch or other heating method and apply the plum brown barrel solution with a sponge. The Plum Brown Finish gives you immediate results with little to no waiting compared to old-fashioned slow rust processes, which can take weeks to finish.

The Birchwood Casey™ Plum Brown® Barrel Finish comes in a 5 oz. glass bottle.


Bottle Size
5 OZ.


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Customer Reviews

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Mike Tetwiler
Beautiful finish!

I purchased this product after watching a video using it. Easy instructions. I used a toaster oven to heat the barrel of my trapper pistol before applying the bluing. Worked great! I heated treated and coated the barrel several times to get a deep finish. Love the results.