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Best Prices, Fast Shipping & Expert Advice!
Burris™ Veracity Scope 3-15x50mm w/ 30mm Main Tube

Burris™ Veracity Scope 3-15x50mm w/ 30mm Main Tube

by Burris

Excellent clarity and light transmission, especially in low light (3-15x50mm)
Optional M.A.D. System for customization and personalization

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SKU 200636
Model: M.A.D. System MOA 3-15x50mm


The Burris™ Veracity Scopes are some of the most versatile scopes on the market today. Burris™ has designed these scopes with five times magnification ratio, to allow for wider field of views with the ability to zoom in on your target. The Veracity scopes are equally adept in the Rocky Mountains chasing elk, the Alaska Range hunting sheep and bears, Midwest fields after monster white tail deer and thick river bottoms when chasing hogs in the South. Burris definitely designed this scope with the hunter in mind. While the Veracity comes in a multitude of different options, the 3-15x50mm is geared toward the multi-purpose hunter who requires dependable optics at all ranges.

Veracity scopes are known for their excellent clarity and light transmission. The major components of the clarity are the quality Burris™ glass, a 30mm main tube, Hi-Lume™ lens coatings, and a Nitrogen-filled tube to prevent fogging and moisture. These features allow the Veracity scopes to compete with models that are double in price. The Veracity is built to withstand all elements, and comes backed with the Burris™ Forever Warranty.

To keep your target clear, Burris has added an ergonomic side focal adjustment, that will ensure crisp images from 50 to 1000 yards and beyond. Burris has also integrated their Ballistic Plex E1™ Reticle that features a front focal plane placement for consistent yardage points at any power. With any ballistic compensating reticle, front focal plane placement is paramount. Many other scopes have to be set on a specific power to know the yardage points, where front focal plane placement of the reticle allows for the same hold point on any power setting. As we all know, we don't always have time to change our power setting in the field, so this feature is even more valuable.

NEW for 2016, Burris has added optional M.A.D. System to the Veracity scopes. M.A.D. stands for Modular Adjustment Dial System, which allows for user-specific caps for both windage and elevation. This allows for each individual shooter to choose from target-style exposed knobs or traditional capped knobs. The biggest advantage of the M.A.D. System is allowing each scope to be customized to the shooter and his specific cartridge. M.A.D. knobs are available in either exposed or capped MOA or MIL engravings, as well as yardage engravings in either exposed or capped configurations. The yardage configuration has been a popular choice among hunters, because you have the ability to dial the scope to the exact yardage and hold directly on your game. With zero stop settings, this scope will always be able to turned back to your preferred sight-in point.

This 2-10x42mm Burris™ Veracity scope features a Matte finish, 4.25-inch eye relief, 1/4 MOA adjustment knobs, a Nitrogen-filled tube, first focal plane reticle placement, and Burris™ glass coated with Hi-Lume™ coatings for better clarity. With all these features, the Veracity has become a high-demand scope, with an affordable price point. The Burris Forever Warranty ensures that if anything ever happens to your scope, you are guaranteed a replacement, making sure this scope stays in your family for generations to come.


Muzzleloader Use
Adjustable Parallax
Main Tube Diameter
Variable Zoom
M.A.D. System
Click Value @ 100 Yards
1/4 M.O.A.
Eye Relief
Burris Forever Warranty


Customer Reviews

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Great Solid Scope

Great scope for the money. Shot with alot of different scopes over the years: Leupold, Ziess, Nikon. I would take Burris over all of them. Most things I say you get what you pay for but Burris is an exception to that rule. This is my fourth Burris and won't hesitate to buy another.