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Harvester® Premium High Pressure Sabots - .45 & .50 Cal - 50 Pack

Harvester® Premium High Pressure Sabots - .45 & .50 Cal - 50 Pack

Precision engineered for superior shot accuracy
For .45 & .50 Caliber Bullets - 50 pack

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SKU H4540B
Bullet Caliber: .45 Caliber Fits .40 Cal Bullet


The Harvester® Premium High Pressure Sabots are precision engineered and manufactured to precise specifications. The easy-to-load, high-pressure rated sabots reduce loading friction by as much as 50%, and create consistent gas seals for unparalleled accuracy, consistency and enhanced velocity. 

The design of the sabots are devised to reduce loading friction, and allow for easier loading than your typical smooth sabot because the design grips the lands and grooves of the barrel. The tighter fit of the sabot insures proper compression and ignition.

Hardcore shooters and hunters know that the sabot/bullet combination in their muzzleloader must be properly matched to the barrel. To ensure the correct positioning and accuracy of the bullet in the barrel of your muzzleloader, match the Harvester® Premium High Pressure Sabots with your bullets in order to achieve better accuracy and greater knockdown power at an extended range. The Premium High Pressure Sabots come available in .45 & .50 caliber options and are offered in packages of 50 sabots.


Bullet Diameters
.451 & .452
0.5 OZ
Easy to Load


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