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CVA® Muzzleloaders 209 Shooter's Necessities Kit - AA1813

CVA® Muzzleloaders 209 Shooter's Necessities Kit - AA1813

by CVA

This accessory pack is loaded with the basics you
need to start your muzzleloading adventure

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SKU AA1813


The CVA® Muzzleloaders 209 Shooter's Necessities Kit has the basic field accessories needed to get out the door and into the field without carrying unneeded supplies. Specifically designed for use in .50 caliber muzzleloaders, the Necessities Kit includes a bullet starter, speed loaders, capper/de-capper tool and brass cleaning jags.

This kit was assembled with pellet shooters in mind and the included speed loaders are designed for use with pelletized powder. If you need a lightweight accessories kit for your inline muzzleloader the 209 Shooter's Necessities Kit is the perfect kit for you.

***No primers or powder included.


Capper/Decapper Tool
CVA® Bullet Starter
Pellet Speed Loaders
Brass Breech Brush
Cotton Swab
Cleaning/Loading Jag


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