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CVA™ Accura LR-X - Cerakote FDE & Nitride Veil Wideland Camo - .50 Cal 30" Barrel Threaded 3/4x24 - 1:28 Twist - PR3203NM

CVA™ Accura LR-X - Cerakote FDE & Nitride Veil Wideland Camo - .50 Cal 30" Barrel Threaded 3/4x24 - 1:28 Twist - PR3203NM

by CVA

The .50 Caliber CVA Accura® Long-Range X is CVA’s premier break-action muzzleloader. The Accura LR-X gets an upgraded finish and camo pattern, now featuring CeraKote FDE and Veil camo.

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The CVA® Accura LR-X™ Muzzleloader is an upgraded version of the Accura LR (Long Range). The Accura™ LR-X muzzleloader carries over most of the features from the previous model with some serious upgrades to the stock, fit and finish, and long-range terminal performance. The .50 Caliber Accura LR-X Muzzleloader is the ultimate rifle for hunters wanting long-range performance and accuracy with increased BC bullets and muzzle velocities.

The CVA™ Accura LR-X Long Range Muzzleloader features the new CVA X-Treme™ stock, which sports an adjustable comb to fit any shooter and their optics of choice. This new comb adjustment is inset in the stock to allow for ambidextrous use, as there is no protruding knob to worry about. Additionally, the inset screw will allow for the gun to have a streamlined and sleek look and feel. This new CVA stock features Veil™ Alpine Camo, with a Soft-Touch™ finish for great grip in all conditions. Adjustable stocks are gaining popularity in the shooting community due to the ability to give a shooter a proper cheek weld to the stock, whether they are using open sights or scopes with various ring heights.

The CVA Accura LR-X Rifle comes standard with the legendary Bergara™ barrel, which features a Nitride coating as well as the added protection of CeraKote™ on the exterior. The .50 caliber barrel on this muzzleloader is 30” long, with a threaded muzzle to accept the new CVA™ Muzzle Brake, which is threaded ¾” x 24. To properly stabilize the high BC muzzleloading bullets used in this muzzleloader, the LR-X features a 1:28” twist rate. Borrowing technology from the Paramount, this new Accura LR-X will offer a free-floated barrel without an under-barrel ramrod. Instead, all new CVA Accura’s will ship with a carbon fiber collapsible ramrod.

The CVA Accura LR-X comes with a Quake™ Claw Rifle Sling, Durasight® scope rail, accessory kit, Carbon fiber collapsible ramrod, and CVA Owner’s Manual. As with any CVA Accura™ Muzzleloader, there is an accuracy guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on manufacturer defects. If you have any questions about this muzzleloader, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team! Also, this gun is available on our custom packages page, where you can choose your gun, scope, rings, and case. We mount and bore sight all custom rifle combos!


Fluted Bergara™ Barrel
Fast Twist Rate
X-Treme™ Stock
QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug
CrushZone® Recoil Pad
Reversible Hammer Spur
Quake® Claw™ Sling
Cocking Spur
DuraSight® Scope Rail
Overall Length
Carbon Fiber Ramrod
Adjustable Trigger
Total Weight
8.1 LBS
Length of Pull
14.5" LOP
Drilled & Tapped for Open Sights
Threaded Barrel
Lifetime Warranty
Barrel Finish


Product Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent quality

Very well made rifle. It have replaced the rail and put on a medium height one piece talley base. It's topped with a 4.5X14X40 1" tube scope and there is plenty of clearance for hammer & barrel.
My only aggravation is the lack of magnum primers & blackhorn 209.

John P.
Out of the box dead o

I replaced the sights with Williams globe sights. Added the muzzle break. Shot three bulls eyes 25 yes, 2 at 100yds back in the bag. Better than most my scoped rifles

Sam D.
Accurate Rifle

The design and finish of this rifle is what initially drew my attention. This rifle performs as advertised (Most accurate Muzzleloader or your money back)! It performs very well however, I have achieved true hole in hole shot to shot placement by using Blackhorn 209 and using an aftermarket Breech Plug (Arrowhead Gen2 LRMP CVA Replacement Breech Plug). I’m still waiting for CVA to deliver on its promise of the (Variflame 209 Conversion Breech Plug). In the meantime, I’m extremely pleased I purchased the Arrowhead System. It truly has corrected the problems associated with 209 primers. One more thing if I may, I would recommend NOT using CVA’s breech plug/anti seize grease (It ruined one of my rifles: Failed to prevent blowback resulting in Gas Cutting/damaging the breech of the rifle; CVA acted on their warranty and sent me a new rifle). Since having issues with the CVA anti-seize I’ve used a Thick Silver Anti Seize Compound Calle Permatex Anti-Seize Lubricant. So far this has worked flawlessly.

Great muzzleloader

Hunted this year with a T/C and had so much fun that I thought I’d try the CVA long range. Always good to have a rifle that will accurately shoot a little further. It came right away and is a well made rifle. It shoots great, I’m trying to get hold of the muzzle brake but a great rifle. Look forward to hunting with it next year.

Accura, more like Meh-ura

The rifle is just a plain disappointment from an accuracy perspective. Five bullets, two powders (BH209 and 777), two primers (CCI209M and W209), dozens of groups (over 100 shots total) with various charges, and hundreds of dollars in components and NOT A SINGLE GROUP UNDER AN INCH!!! Not one. Plenty of acceptable groups. Mostly 1.8-2.5 inches, which is better than their accuracy guarantee (so I can't send it back), but boy is this gun not even close to the the extra you pay for it over an Optima or Wolf. The 30" barrel gives some nice extra velocity, but you don't get the accuracy you need to take advantage of the extra range, which is kind of the whole point of the rifle!

I will say the finish is nice, the trigger is great, and I like the cheek riser. All of these are things that would be worth paying extra for if the gun actually shot well, but when you fail at step one, you don't get anything above 2 stars.