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Best Prices, Fast Shipping & Expert Advice!
CVA™ Accura MR-X Leupold™ Scope Package w/ Realtree® Rockslide - .50 Cal 26" Barrel Threaded - 1:28 Twist - PR3224NLC

CVA™ Accura MR-X Leupold™ Scope Package w/ Realtree® Rockslide - .50 Cal 26" Barrel Threaded - 1:28 Twist - PR3224NLC

by CVA

The .50 Cal CVA™ Accura MR-X Muzzleloader Scope Package package comes complete with a mounted and bore-sighted 3-9x40mm Leupold™ VX Freedom™ UltimateSlam Muzzleloader Scope and soft or hard rifle case.

Original price $979.00 - Original price $1,009.00
Original price
$979.00 - $1,009.00
Current price $979.00
Rifle Case: 48" Soft Case


The CVA Accura MR-X™ Muzzleloader comes complete with a mounted and bore-sighted 3-9x40mm Leupold™ VX Freedom™ UltimateSlam Muzzleloader Scope and soft or hard rifle case. The VX Freedom UltimateSlam™ S.A.B.R reticle is the preeminent black powder scope designed specifically for muzzleloaders, taking the guesswork out of hold over angles for even the most difficult of shots. The exclusive ballistic reticle, coinciding with the most popular black powder loads today, provides you with exact aiming points from 50 to 300 yards. The glass engraved ballistic reticle is unbreakable, and the Multi-Coat 4™ optics are clear and bright.

The CVA™ Accura MR-X Muzzleloader features the new CVA X-Treme stock, which sports an adjustable comb to fit any shooter and their optics of choice. This new comb adjustment is inset in the stock to allow for ambidextrous use, as there is no protruding knob to worry about. Additionally, the inset screw allows the gun to have a streamlined and sleek look and feel. This new CVA stock features Realtree™ Rockslide Camo, with a Soft-Touch™ finish for great grip in all conditions. Adjustable stocks are gaining popularity in the shooting community due to the ability to give a shooter a proper cheek weld to the stock, whether they are using open sights or scopes with various ring heights.

The CVA Accura MR-X Rifle comes standard with the legendary Bergara™ barrel, which features a Nitride coating as well as the added protection of CeraKote™ on the exterior. The .50 caliber barrel on this muzzleloader is 26” long, with a threaded muzzle to accept the new Paramount Muzzle Brake, which is threaded ¾” x 24. To properly stabilize the high BC muzzleloading bullets used in this muzzleloader, the MR-X features a 1:28” twist rate. Borrowing technology from the Paramount, this new Accura MR-X will offer a free floated barrel without an under-barrel ramrod. Instead, all new CVA Accura’s will ship with a carbon fiber collapsible ramrod.

The CVA Accura MR-X comes with a Quake™ Claw Sling, Durasight® scope rail, accessory kit, carbon fiber collapsible ramrod, and CVA Owner’s Manual. As with any CVA Accura Muzzleloader, there is an accuracy guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on manufacturer defects. If you have any questions about this muzzleloader, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team! Also, this gun is available on our custom packages page, where you can choose your gun, scope, rings, and case. We mount and bore sight all custom rifle combos!


416 Stainless Steel Fluted Bergara™ Barrel
Barrel Twist
Barrel Finish
Ambidextrous Stock
QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug
CrushZone® Recoil Pad
Threaded Barrel
Reversible Hammer Spur
Quake® Claw Sling
Cocking Spur
Drilled and Tapped for Scope Mounts
DuraSight® Scope Rail
Overall Length
Carbon Fiber Ramrod
Adjustable Trigger
Total Weight
6.7 LBS
Length of Pull
14.5” LOP
Lifetime Warranty


Product Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert L. (West Palm Beach, FL)
MR-X and

I can’t say enough about my new CVA MR-X. This gun shoots better than some of my high power rifles. But the most amazing thing was when I went to sight it in. Whenever a dealer says they will bore sight your gun I always take it with a grain of salt. My hope on most cases is that it’s at least on the paper. I went to the range today, set my target at 50 yards. Hit the upper left of a 3 inch bullseye. Made a quick adjustment and bullseye. Shot a third round and hit the same hole. Put the target to 100 yards and bullseye again. Fastest zero in time ever. Thank you and CVA. I will highly recommend you both.

Accura MR-X/Leupold

Just got my new smokepole back from the range. Rifle and scope both show good fit and finish, everything is smooth with a good tight lock-up, scope responded like it should have with a nice tactile click while adjusting and a consistent 1/4” movement with each click. I have to pick nits to find anything wrong. Gun came from Muzzle-Loaders with scope installed and bore sighted, the barrel plugs weren’t installed so I had to remove the scope to install the screws. While the scope removed noticed a big adhesive smear on scope, took some elbow grease and some Ballistol but it cleaned up. Took it to the range and fired three rounds at 100 yds not a mark on the 14x14 sighting target. Brought it in to 50 yds and elevation was dead-on but hit 6” left. Five more shots and it is dead center at 100. 75 gr BH 209 (by weight), 250 gr Barnes TMZ, Harvester crush rib sabots. Really liking this thing, can’t wait to get it into the timber. I will be a regular customer.

Brick W.B.
Accurate - Deadly

This is my second season hunting whitetail with my CVA Accura MR/Leupold combo. What I can tell you is it only took me one shot each season for two nice bucks. My Buck a year ago was an 11 point big boy, using a Powerbelt 250 with 2 White Hot 50 grains. Hit that boy at about 80-90 yards from my stand, heard him run into the treeline and heard a sapling tree snap. Found him within 25 yards of where I hit him. Lung shot, massive bleed. Found the Powerbelt intact and flat on the opposite side of the entry, just inside the hide when I caped him out. This years Buck not that big boy from last year, but a nice 8 point, pretty wide. Same set up, possibly a bit closer at 65-70 yards. He ran a bit further into the treeline, maybe 50-60 yards. Another lung. No bullet found this time, had an exit wound. If I could post a pic or two I would, but don't see a way. Nice rifle, easy to load, easy to clean, and a nail driver.


Dead Right There -

Decent shipping time.
The bore sight pre-shipping was true.
The Leupold Freedom muzzleloader scope was spot on. 7 shots (cleaning btwn each shot) got it to a 1”MOA 3 shot group at 100 yds benchrest.
The color of the stock doesn’t match the big Maine woods (too much white), but that’s negligible at this point.
75 yrd neck shot through some thick Hemlock and saplings. 150 grains of triple 7 behind a 290 grain Hornady Boredriver FTX. 160lb 8 point. DRT