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CVA Optima™ V2 Pistol - Vortex Red Dot Sight Package - PP221VSC

CVA Optima™ V2 Pistol - Vortex Red Dot Sight Package - PP221VSC

by CVA

The CVA Optima™ V2 Pistol Package comes with Vortex™ Crossfire Red Dot Sight and durable soft case, custom made for the CVA Optima™ V2 Pistol.

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The CVA Optima™ V2 Pistol Package comes with Vortex™ Crossfire Red Dot Sight and durable Muzzle-Loaders soft case, custom made for the CVA Optima™ V2 Pistol. The Optima™ V2 Pistol features a trigger-guard with actuated breeching lever and a neutral center-of-gravity trigger. The V2 Pistol comes with a black composite stock and features CVA’s Quick Release Breech Plug (QRBP), which is easily removed with your fingers - NO tools required. 

The Optima™ V2 Pistol has more quality features than any other muzzleloading pistol in its price range. Equipped with a 14” 416 grade stainless steel barrel, the Optima™ V2 is easy to carry and handle in tight spots, yet comfortable enough to pack into the mountains. The pistol comes standard with a DuraSight® Z2 scope rail that is drilled and tapped for fiber optic sights, plus the V2 comes with CVA’s solid aluminum PalmSaver ramrod. 

Included in the CVA Optima™ V2 Pistol Package is a factory-mounted Vortex® Crossfire 1X Red Dot Sight featuring unmagnified advanced coated optics with 2 MOA aiming dot. Manufactured using top quality optics and exceptionally, resilient casing components, the Vortex™ Crossfire Sight has become one of the most popular dot sights in the U.S. due to its rugged, revolutionary design. The matte black, anodized aluminum housing is lightweight and durable, while the optical tube is both waterproof and shockproof. The sights ultra-compact feature makes it a superb choice for the CVA Optima™ V2 Pistol. 

If you are searching for a package deal with a high-quality pistol and superior optics for years of effective, reliable service, the CVA Optima™ V2 Pistol Package won’t disappoint. The V2 Pistol includes one of the most versatile red dot sights available in the market today, that enables you to acquire your target swiftly and re-acquire right after your shot. Compared to its competitors, the CVA Optima™ V2 Pistol Package includes features you won’t find anywhere else for the price.


Composite Stock
Bullet Guiding Muzzle
Twist Rate
QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug
Solid Aluminum Ramrod
100 Grain Capable
Overall Length
DuraSight® Z2 Scope Rail
4.5 lbs. Total Weight
Barrel Length
Vortex Crossfire Sight
DOT Size
Sight Length
Optima Pistol Case
23" x 11" CASE
Lifetime Warranty


Product Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
William O. (Spring Grove, PA)
Scout muzzle loader prolonged hunting

Love the pistol! I am a long time muzzle loader long gun hunter 30+ years. Unfortunately I have muscle weakness and now handicapped unable to use long gun. The scout pistol with a tripod rest will allow me to go to my happy place in the woods deer hunting for a few more years.

Darnell G.
Muzzleloader pistol

Only shot a few loads of pyrodex with 295 g copper hollow point power belt. 50 grains to zero red dot at 25 yards,recoil was less tha expected.Also shot couple shots with 100g pellets,increased recoil still very manageable.Shot from rest, Hope to experiment with different loads and tweak performance for short range deer hunting .Already have cva mag bolt very pleased with so feel like great combination.

Jeff G.
Really fun and lite Muzzle-loader

I do not see this as a hunting tool for me, however, it is so much fun. I have only shot 30 shots in the last two range trips but it cleans well and groups within an inch at 50 yards. so far I have used IMR White hots and Trippel 7 in pellet form. So far I really enjoy loading one 50 grain pellet. I do plan to get loose powder and try 60-80 grains. The vortex site is holding up. Just retorque the rail to 25inch LBS and tighten the vortex crossfire down. The kit comes with the high and low mount for the red dot. The case is good but mine came with a damaged zipper. Emailed tech support and within a week had a replacement. Even though I do not see this as a hunting rig. It is more than capable. just remember the max charge is 100 grains of weight by volume. The gun comes with the sling lugs and plugs for the top. I also have the bigger brother Optima with the 26in barrel. great combo. Great gun and Company. Remember to get the serial number under the hand guard on the barrel to register it. If you enjoy muzzleloaders then this is a must in the collection.

Note: Max charge for the CVA Optima V2 Pistol is 100 grains of black powder or black powder substitute by volume. If you are shooting Blackhorn 209 your max charge is 80 grains by volume.

Love my Pistol, works good in the thick stuff

Have not tried for distance yet but so far fifty yards it's deadly have a 44 mag scope on it right now going to change to a red dot next season