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CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Cleaning Kit Value Pack - AA1850

CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Cleaning Kit Value Pack - AA1850

by CVA

All the cleaning solvents you need in one pack
Great for rifle cleaning at the range or at home

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SKU AA1850


The CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Value Pack Cleaning Kit is a series of Barrel Blaster solvents and rust preventatives specifically formulated for black powder firearms. Widely coveted as one of the best in the Muzzleloading industry, the CVA® Value Pack is used for quick, easy barrel cleaning at home or at the range, or take the Kit with you for on the go cleaning to preserve the condition and durability of your firearm.

The CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Value Pack includes: a 7 ounce Citric Based Solvent Spray to be sprayed on a patch or brush to run through your rifle barrel to remove fouling, 6 ounces of Rust Preventative Patches critically used as a final pass-through cleaning patch to prevent rust and corrosion, a 7 ounce can of Foaming Bore Cleaner to spray in your rifle barrel and later swab it clean, 6 ounces of pre-saturated, Quick-Clean Patches for quick, easy barrel cleaning, and a 4 ounce jar of Barrel Blaster Parts Soaker to soak heavily fouled plugs and other small parts, and finally, several Dry Cleaning Patches.

Unquestionably the best deal out there with Barrel Blaster Products that keep your Muzzleloader perfectly clean, lubricated and free of rust.  The top 5 Barrel Blaster items in one CVA® Value-Packed, Muzzleloader Cleaning Pack.  Doesn’t get any better than that!


Solvent Type
Rust Preventative Patches
6 OZ.
Foaming Bore Cleaner
7 OZ.
Quick-Clean Patches
6 OZ.
Parts Soaker
Dry Cleaning Patches


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A must have!

I love this thing. Particularly as someone new and completely clueless, this was a great way to get all the basic solvents and oils in one place. Barrel Blaster foam works great and adds a bit of room for error if you're still learning to clean. The solvent patches are great for the range and field when you just want a quick clean, and the rust preventer patches have so far done as advertised. I supposed I had thought the solvent bath would miraculously eat away all the grit (more akin to the baths we had at the armories in the USMC), but it at least loosens up all the deposits so they're nothing to get off with a brush.

Again - if you're an old hand, you probably know which of these items you need or don't. But if you're new, save yourself the headache and just get this first!

John O.
Great Cleaner

This cleaner makes short order of cleaning my muzzle loaders.