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CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Rust Prevent Patches

CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Rust Prevent Patches

by CVA

Pre-soaked with rust prevent solvent (100 patches)
Great for rust-proofing the inside of your muzzleloader barrel

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The CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Rust Prevent Patches are designed to keep you firearm in optimal condition. Fabricated for use in all .45 to .54 caliber muzzleloaders, the patches make coating the inside of your barrel simple, while effectively reducing the chance of rusting or pitting.

Barrel Blaster™ is a series of solvents and rust preventatives specifically formulated for black powder firearms that are widely coveted as some of the best cleaning and maintenance products in the muzzleloader industry. The Barrel Blaster™ Rust Prevent Patches are pre-saturated with Rust Preventative Solvent and come ready-to-use in a re-sealable plastic jar. To enhance the life of your rifle bore, run one of the 100 pre-saturated patches down your barrel after maintenance cleaning to guard against rust and corrosion.


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