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CVA® Blackhorn™ Breech Plug - 209 Primer - AC1611BH

CVA® Blackhorn™ Breech Plug - 209 Primer - AC1611BH

by CVA

Made specifically for Blackhorn™ 209 powder
Fits .45 & .50 caliber CVA Wolf, Optima & Accura Series

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The CVA® Blackhorn™ QR Breech Plug is specifically designed for use with Blackhorn™ or other loose powder muzzleloading propellants. Nothing affects performance of your muzzleloader more than a clean breech plug for consistent ignition and better overall accuracy. 

This stainless steel replacement breech plug is designed to work with all CVA Accura V2, Optima and Wolf models, 2010 or newer. This plug is optimal for whatever type of propellant you choose to use, either loose or pelletized. The CVA 209 breech plug allows the flash-hole to remain debris free after repeated shots with finer, loose powder propellants. You no longer need to continually clean out the flash-hole after each shot.

*Breech plug will not work on the CVA Apex Models


2010 & NEWER .50 & .45 CAL WOLF, OPTIMA V2 & ACCURA V2
Fits CVA Apex
Seating Wrench


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Team U.
Looks like a good choice !

Really wanted the best alternative for my Optima V2.
I wanted a plug that would perform with All propellants .
I chose the black coated one that would distinguish it from
the steel one and assures me I could fire powder or pellet,
even Blackhorn ! Additionally, If my other Breech Plug got
fouled, I could swap it out and keep shooting !

Ron B.
Fast shipping

Fast shipping. Must have for Blackhorn powder.

Kenneth G.
209 Breech plug

The breech plug I have purchased from you has worked top notch! It definitely cuts down on fouling. It cleans much easier than the standard breech plug. And seems to outperform similar products.

Stan V.
Pleased with product and

Purchased BH-209 powder plugs for my CVA AccuraV2 and my Buddie's Wolf. Both were easy installs and seating. Haven't shot guns yet with new plugs waiting for weather to break. We're both repeat customers now. I would like to be notified when T/C Encore BH-209 plug is in stock. Very satisfied customer !

Get this it works

If you're going to shoot Blackhorn with a CVA, get this it works. Blackhorn is way better and this is necessary to shoot Blackhorn.