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CVA® Blackhorn™ Breech Plug for Nitride Guns - 209 Primer - AC1651BH

CVA® Blackhorn™ Breech Plug for Nitride Guns - 209 Primer - AC1651BH

by CVA

Fits .45 & .50 caliber CVA Wolf, Optima & Accura Series

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The CVA® Blackhorn™ QR Breech Plug for Nitride muzzleloaders is specifically designed for use with Blackhorn™ or other loose powder muzzleloading propellants. Nothing affects the performance of your muzzleloader more than a clean breech plug for consistent ignition and better overall accuracy. While the Nitride process is not done on these breech plugs, they do feature a 'black oxide' coating, which protects from rust and corrosion, while still giving the same appearance as the Nitride barrels.

This black oxide coated, stainless steel replacement breech plug, is designed to work with all CVA Accura V2, Optima and Wolf models, 2010 or newer. This plug is optimal for whatever type of propellant you choose to use, either loose or pelletized. The CVA 209 breech plug allows the flash-hole to remain debris-free after repeated shots with fine, loose powder propellants. You no longer need to continually clean out the flash hole after each shot.


.45 & .50 Caliber
Fits Break Action CVA Inline Rifles
2010 & NEWER
Fits CVA Apex
Seating Wrench  INCLUDED


Customer Reviews

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Ernest R. (Douglas, MA)

CVA® Blackhorn™ Breech Plug for Nitride Guns - 209 Primer - AC1651BH

As Advertised

As always, great service and quick shipping from This breech plug works very well with Blackhorn 209 powder. It's produced by CVA, so it's an OEM product. I purchased this one to replace the one I bought last year, and saving the old one for a spare. I was starting to get some minor flame erosion in the primer pocket, due to shooting heavy (84 grain by weight) loads of BH209, using CCI 209 magnum primers, and not cleaning the flame channel regularly. This was causing primers to stick. I now use a 1/8" drill bit in a pin vise and turn by hand to clean the flame channel after every 5 shots. Carbon builds quickly with heavy BH209 loads. I now use Win 209 primers since they are longer / deeper in dimension than any other primer I've measured. This provides a tighter headspace seal in the breech. Be aware this BH 209 breech plug no longer comes with the tool required to seat it on the initial install. You need to purchase separately if you don't already have one.

Jose Q.
Great Breach plug

Anyone looking for a good over all breach plug should get one of these. You can use loose powder of pellets, it works with well with either and doesn't plug up so quick and easy to clean if it does. I definitely recommend you get one for your Wolf or which ever muzzle loader you get or already own.


I can hardly wait to use this ..please get Blackhorn in so I can!

Simply the Best (Product & Service)

After buying 2 from Amazon and receiving two counterfeits that did not fit Muzzleloaders got them back in stock and I jumped on it. Fits like a charm. With their quality control and superb service I knew it would be perfect. The stock breech plug worked fine for many loose powders but Blackhorn is a little harder to light off. Buy one you will be very happy with it. By the way it comes with the wrench to tighten the plug for the first time, hand tighten after that.