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CVA® Knuckle Saver™ Bullet Starter

CVA® Knuckle Saver™ Bullet Starter

by CVA

Designed to keep your knuckles safe during loading
Allows for quick and easy loading of most muzzleloading bullets

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Many tight fitting black powder projectiles, especially sabots, must be virtually hammered down the bore in order to get them to seat correctly. Many shooters have found out the hard way that one slip can ruin your day at the range or in the field.

The KnuckleSaver™ Bullet Starter solves these problems. The KnuckelSaver starter engages the bullet around the point securley, making it easy to load even the toughest bullets. The built in KnuckleSaver palm grip makes it easy to keep your fingers and hands free of any pinch-points or impact areas.

***Note: Does not work with the new Powerbelt ELR bullets.***


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