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Need Expert Advice? Give us a Call: (855) 236-5000

CVA® Slick Breechplug & Nipple Grease - 2 Ounce Tube - AC1670

by CVA

2 oz. tube breech plug and nipple grease
CVA™ recommended anti-sieze treatment

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SKU AC1670


CVA® Anti-Seize Grease helps to prevent breech plug or nipple threading from seizing. The CVA™ Breech Plug and Nipple Grease is formulated to withstand the intense heat created during powder ignition. Simply apply a small amount of grease to your breech plug or nipple after cleaning, to ensure that your barrel and plugs will not weld during ignition. It’s that simple. A great way to keep your muzzleloader in great condition with little effort! CVA™ Breech Plug & Nipple Grease comes in an easy to use 2 oz. tube.


Tube Size
2 OZ.