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CVA™ Anti-Seize Stick - 17 Gram Tube

CVA™ Anti-Seize Stick - 17 Gram Tube

by CVA

Allows application of anti-seize directly on threads
For breech plugs, choke tubes and cap nipples

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SKU AC1682


This anti-seize grease applicator is designed for high temperatures, and works on muzzleloader breech plugs, cap nipples and choke tubes. It is compatible with all muzzleloading rifles, and is highly recommended for use after a day at the range or a completed hunt. The anti-seize grease keeps breech plugs and cap nipples from seizing up and sticking in your gun. 

The stick design applicator allows for easy application directly onto the choke tube threads after cleaning your gun. This pocket-sized grease stick also makes removing the breech plug easier after long use.


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