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Need Expert Advice? Give us a Call: (855) 236-5000

Harvester® Saber Tooth™ Belted Bullets - 270 & 350 Grain - .50 Caliber Saboted Bullets

.50 Caliber big game premium hunting bullets
Accurate and deadly on target performance

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The Harvester® Saber Tooth Bullets provide superb, consistent accuracy, as one of the best performing muzzleloading hunting bullets available on the market today.

Easy to Load Saber Tooth Bullets have an electroplated copper jacket that will not separate from the lead core when striking the target like most jacketed bullets, and the high-pressure sabot ensures a consistent gas seal for reliability and downrange performance. The bullet shoots with exceptional accuracy and expands rapidly on target delivering devastating terminal performance. The exposed core at the tip of the bullet is the key to the rapid expansion of the Saber Tooth bullet and has been proven to take down game right where they stand over and over again.


Bullet Weight
270 OR 350 GRAINS
Package Quantity
12 OR 15 PACK
Sabot Caliber
Bullet Diameter


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