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Hornady® MonoFlex Bullets .50 Cal Sabot w/ .45 Cal 250 Grain - 20 Pack Low Drag Flex Tip Copper Alloy - H67274

Hornady® MonoFlex Bullets .50 Cal Sabot w/ .45 Cal 250 Grain - 20 Pack Low Drag Flex Tip Copper Alloy - H67274

by Hornady

Model H67274 - 250 Grain - 20 Pack
.50 Cal Sabot Low Drag™ with .452" Cal MonoFlex® Bullet

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SKU H67274


The Hornady® MonoFlex Muzzleloader Bullets combine GMX and FTX engineering to create accuracy, devastating penetration and stopping power. The MonoFlex™ construction boasts 95% weight retention, ensuring your bullet doesn't break up, leading to cleaner kills and short to non-existent tracking. The Hornady® MonoFlex™ Sabot reduces barrel fouling and Hornady's patented Flex Tip technology improves bullet flight and accuracy.

The Hornady® MonoFlex™ Bullets come in a .50 caliber sabot with a .45 caliber (.452") low drag MonoFlex™ bullet. The MonoFlex™ Bullets feature a ballistic coefficient of 0.210 and the easy to load sabots make for quick reloading in the field or at the range. The Hornady® MonoFlex™ Bullets come in a package of 20.

*Always use caution when loading a firearm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Best muzzleloader bullet

Best muzzleloader bullet ever what Accurate and deadly I shoot 3 doe. leave a blood tail and a hole

These are amazing sabots!

These 250 gr. MonoFlex MZ sabots work awesome in my CVA Optima. I push them hard (84 gr by weight of BH209), but they open consistently and have great terminal performance. I've shot two large Wisconsin does with them so far (139 and 146 lb dressed) and both had .45 cal hole going in and 1.5 - 2" exit holes. One doe stumbled 15 yards downhill and crashed into a fallen treetop and the other fell in a pile and was DRT. The blood trail on the first was insane! The controlled expansion and no lead reduces meat loss. These are great bullets...for those having expansion issues, try bumping your powder charges up closer to a max/Magnum load. The two does I shot were at 91 and 96 yards respectively and both exit holes showed significant expansion.

very dissapointed..

Purchased last year when they were at like 15 dollars a box. Just recently tried sighting in my TC Triumph with them @50 yards and had no luck at all. They were very hard to seat and just never came together in a pattern. After firing around 8 shots battling to get them in and cleaning every other shot using 100 grains triple F I decided to go back to my power belts and was only an inch off. Seems my TC doesn't like them in the recipe I was using so I will have try something else, lower/raise the grains and try a different primer maybe?

Shoot great

Easy to load, perfect fit for my Traditions Buckstalker and they shoot better than anything else I've found yet. And this is the best price on these that I've seen.

Better groupings

Went from a 6” grouping with my previous hollow point bullets to a 2.5” grouping with these at 100 yards.