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Hornady® PA Conical Bullet - 50 Caliber 240 Grain Lead - H6617

Hornady® PA Conical Bullet - 50 Caliber 240 Grain Lead - H6617

by Hornady

Pure Lead - 240 Grain - 50 Pack
.50 Cal pre-lubed conical bullets for 1:66" twist barrels

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The Hornady™ PA Conical Bullet is designed for slower twist rifles, like 1:66 twist barrels. The conical shape adds stability in flight for increased accuracy. These pre-lubed bullets don't require a sabot or patch, and the conical nose of the bullet closely matches the shape of a round ball, so you can use the same starter when loading the conical bullet that you would with a round ball. These bullets come in a 50 pack of .50 caliber conical that weighs 240 grains. The PA Conical Bullet is casted from pure lead, making it great for small and big game alike. This bullet outperforms the competition by flying flatter and farther than anything else on the market. 

The Hornady™ Pennsylvania Conical Bullets are designed for shooters using a longer barreled, slower twist firearm. The Hornady™ PA features a heavier conical style 50 caliber bullet that weighs about 35% more than a typical lead round ball. These bullets are .512 diameter at the driving band (the smooth portion of the bullet near the top). The bullets are .502 diameter at the knurled base section. Upon impact, the PA Conical Bullet provides reliable terminal performance and good penetration. These conical bullets come in a pack of 50.


Bullet Weight
Package Quantity
Conical Caliber
Bullet Diameter
.512" @ DRIVING BAND, .502" @ BASE
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