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Hornady® SST Muzzleloader Bullets - 250 Grain

Hornady® SST Muzzleloader Bullets - 250 Grain

by Hornady

Model 67273 - 250 Grain - 20 pack
.50 Cal Sabot Low Drag™ with .45 Cal SST® Bullet

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SKU H67273


At the heart of the Hornady™ muzzleloading bullets you will find its patriarch the SST-ML. This bullet was specifically designed for 200+ yard shots. It comes in a .50 caliber sabot with a .45 caliber 250 grain bullet. The SST features Hornady’s patented Flex Tip™ which aids in bullet expansion upon impact. This bullet out performs the competition by flying flatter and farther than anything else on the market. 

Hornady’s exclusive Flex Tip™ accomplishes optimal flight performance at low velocities over longer-distances, which makes it ideal for muzzleloading. Specifically engineered to provide pinpoint accuracy, penetration and high weight retention, the SST-ML™ is not your average bullet. The SST™ also comes with the newly designed Low Drag sabot, allowing for easier reloading.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Derek s. (Victorville, CA)
SST .250 Grain magnum 150 loads

In my CVA optima it patterned very nice at 100 yd with 3 white hots , going hog hunting with them .

Great deer bullet

The groups at 100 yards are great! Under a 1 inch group. Using 84 grs of blackhorn 209 by weight. Killed 7 deer with them. All of them dropped. I dont have anything too say. But good things about them. They do some damage.

Jerry C.
A quarter covered a 3 shot group

This is my 47th years hunting with a muzzle loader, started plinking with an old CVA Kentucky long rifle, 45cal, round balls. When sabots came out, I switched to 38cals (Hornaday's, very accurate). Well a couple years ago after a misfire with the old girl the last day of mz season, and the fact I didn't care much for the two TC in lines 50 cals I had and quickly sold. I thought I'd look around see what was out there to be had. Low and behold one day at a Walmart store in Youngstown Ohio, you see I live here in Ohio, I was browsing the sporting goods section and found this CVA Wolf 50 cal discounted down to clear the supply (only one left). Anyway, getting to the point of this review. Needing ammo I purchased the SST-ml by Hornaday from, mounted a Simmons 8pt scope, and off to the range I go. Since most of my hunting is in moderate to dense areas and under a 100 yards. I sighted in at 75yards. one shot to find the hole, brough the cross hairs to the hole and the rest is history. The next three shots were dead center and I could cover all three with a Quater. So come this January, I'm off to the woods. Thank you Hornaday for such fine Ammo.

Walter A.
Prompt service

These arrived in 3 days

Jeromy A.
SSTs for Ohio Whitetails

Performed great for these Ohio Whitetails. 120 grains of magnums pellets combined with these SSTs worked great for me.