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Hornady® XTP Bullets .50 Caliber Sabot w/ .44 Caliber - 240 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point - 20 Pack

Hornady® XTP Bullets .50 Caliber Sabot w/ .44 Caliber - 240 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point - 20 Pack

by Hornady

Model H6720 - 240 Grain - 20 pack
.50 Cal XTP Sabot with .44 Cal 240 Grain Hollow Point Bullet

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SKU H6720


The Hornady™ XTP Bullets are designed for hunting with high performance muzzleloaders. These sabots feature the popular Hornady™ XTP jacketed hollow point bullet. This .50 caliber heavy-duty XTP MAG bullet delivers pinpoint accuracy and controlled expansion at the high velocities produced by magnum (150 grain) loads. The XTP bullet features a .50 caliber sabot which falls away when the bullet leaves the muzzle. Hornady designed these bullets specifically for deep penetration and proper expansion at all practical muzzleloading velocities.

Enjoy a boost in shooting performance with the Hornady® .50 Caliber Sabot with .44 Caliber 240 Grain Hollow Point XTP® MAG™ Bullets. These bullets were specially designed for modern high-performance inline muzzleloading rifles, however, traditional muzzleloaders can still use these sabots to great effectiveness. The recommend load for traditional black powder rifles is around 100 grains of powder for the best results. The Hornady™ XTP Sabots come in a package of 20.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great bullets do the job every time

I've used this bullet/sabot combo for years with 100 grains of pyrodex out of my TC Hawken. Shoot great and aways drop the deer within 75-100 yards of being shot if they don't collapse on the spot. Got a new accura V2 with a scope for Christmas last year and these shoot great out of it too. Shot a nice buck last year out of a tree stand right between the eyes at 10 yards when he looked up at me with this bullet/sabots combo on top of two 50 grain pyrodex pellets. He dropped right on the spot.

Larry M.
Awsome performance by accident.

Recently changed the scope on my CVA Wolf to Vortex crossfire II.
Sighted in at 50 with 100 gn 777 pellets with the 250 grainXTP.
Backed out to 100 and changed to 73 grainsby weight Blackhorn and couldn't get 8" group out of them. Had a few 240 grain XTP hollow points and on a 3 shot barrel the 4th shot was Dead bull, 5th shot wastouchingj

Cody T.
Old reliable

Great bullet for the money!

They work!


Great bullet

CVA optima V2 pistol first time at the range used 60 grains of loose Triple 7 powder with these bullets and cut holes at 50yds. Extremely accurate