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PowerBelt® AeroTip Copper™ Hollow Point - 245 & 295 Grain - 15 & 50 Pack

PowerBelt® AeroTip Copper™ Hollow Point - 245 & 295 Grain - 15 & 50 Pack

15 or 50 pack - Copper Hollow Points
.50 Caliber, 245-295 Grain

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SKU AC1589
Grain: 245 Grain
Pack Quantity: 15 Pack


PowerBelt™ Copper Bullets are both revolutionary in design and performance. These Copper Hollow Point Bullets are perfect for taking deer-sized game at ranges up to 200 yards. Unlike sabots, these bullets are full bore conicals and leave little plastic residue behind. PowerBelt™ Bullets can be shot up to eight times before the recommended barrel swab is required. Due to their .001” under bore diameter, they are particularly easy to load. PowerBelt's patented snap-on base gas seal eliminates gas blow by, while at the same time, gives you the optimal flight performance and down range accuracy you desire.

PowerBelt™ manufactures over 7 million muzzleloader bullets every year, making them the largest muzzleloading bullets manufacturer in the world.


Bullet Weight
245 TO 295 GRAINS
Package Quantity
15 & 50 PACK
Bullet Caliber
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 245 Grains
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 295 Grains


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Power belts

Great bullets Great price about half what I pay in Cheyenne

Mike Benzmiller
Good stuff

I use the 295 grainers and have had good luck with them. Every deer I've taken has gone 30 to 40 yards max. So far everyone a thru and thru with a blood trail a blind man could see. No complaints and good accuracy at least out to 100 yds or less in Penns woods.

Jeff S
Not for me

While I respect the technology of this design, it is just not for me, or the deer I harvest. The bullet loads very easily into my Wolf V2, almost to easy, being very accurate, it appears to fragment heavily inside the deer. My shot was full broadside 90 yards, hit a rib, passed through both lungs and lodged on the inner hide opposite side. This was a standard, non magnum charge of (2) 50 grain Pyrodex pellets. The deer took off, the track was a long one for sure and with not a SINGLE drop of blood to follow. I eventually found him which was great, however I will avoid these Power Belts HP's in the future and look elsewhere in the off season, possibly go back to Harvester and XTP's as they just work consistently well during past years.

Wade Bartelini
Deadly power

These Bullets are easy to Load, Deadly accurate..I shoot a 3 inch sticker at 100yds..The deer I hunt drop immediately! Never have a problem with these Bullets Keep up the good work!

Adam Hayden
Great Bullets

Love these bullets. Very accurate. Excellent performance on wild pigs as well as deer. Glad I made the switch to 295 powerbelt hollow points.