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Need Expert Advice? Give us a Call: (855) 236-5000

Thompson Center® Universal T-Handle Loading Kit - Includes 2 Loading Jags - 10/32 Threading - 54169058

Short stater and palm saver in one
Made by T/C®, will fit all 10/32 thread accessories

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SKU 54169058


The Thompson Center™ Universal T-Handle Loading Kit is a lightweight, compact short starter system with a “palm saver˝ built right into the end. The T-handle starter features a removable seating end which allows you to convert your ramrod into a work rod. Also, by removing the seating end of the rod and screwing the T-Handle onto a standard ramrod, it will extend the length of your ramrod for easier seating of projectiles, especially during continuous shooting at the range. The short starter will provide you with extra leverage for firmer more uniform seating, effectively converting your ramrod into a range rod.

In addition to the short starter, the T-Handle Loading Kit comes with two universal loading jags designed with concave ends to accommodate ballistic tipped bullets without deforming the round. One end jag on the short starter while the other jag can be attached to the ramrod for properly aligned bullet seating.                              

The T/C™ T-Handle Starter has 10/32 threads and fits most muzzleloader accessories.

**Always use caution when loading a firearm


Works With Most Muzzleloaders
Palm Saver